Show Guide: 'Awake' (2019)

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Awake is about a young woman, Dana (Flavia Bechara), who wakes up from a coma after twelve years, unable to speak or interact with others. With the help of her family, including sisters Lama (Stephanie Atallah) and Jinane (Ruba Zaarour), she slowly comes to grips with what happened to her, and how social media has taken over the world. She realizes that she has woken up to a new world and a new, vibrant Beirut where everyone she's loved is different, and family secrets and lies begin to reveal themselves.

The Cast:
Flavia Bechara as Dana
Tarek Yaacoub as Ghassan
Mohamad Akil as Walid
Raymonde Azar as Mariam
Stephanie Atallah as Lama
Ruba Zaarour as Jinane
Joseph Bou Nassar as Dr Mehio
Camille Salameh as Fawzi
Lisa Debs as Nada

Production Credits:
Head Writer and Creator: Nadia Tabbara
Directed by: Mazen Fayad
Produced by: Mazen Fayad
Production & Distribution Company: Momaz Flick
Post Production Company: The Brightside
Director of Photography: Toni el Khazen
Music Composer: Nasser Shibani
Casting Director: Mia Deaibes
Editors: Youssef Germanos and Faisal Merheb
VFX Director: Nadine Yamout
Post-Production Producer: Marie-Christine Melhem

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide 
1-01 Episode One--
Absent for her life for eleven years, Dana rediscovers herself and her family.

1-02 Episode Two--
Dana's younger sister helps her write a resume and look for a job.

1-03 Episode Three--
Much to his dismay, Dana jumps into working at her father's mini-mart.

1-04 Episode Four--
Dana starts a new job while struggling to forgive her mother.

1-05 Episode Five--
Things get complicated when Dana re-kindles the flame with her ex.

1-06 Episode Six--
Imaginary Dana has disappeared and so has Dana's creative edge.

1-07 Episode Seven--
Dana's memory returns about arguing with her father the day she was injured by a car bomb.

1-08 Episode Eight--
Dana relapses into a coma but can still hear her family around her.

1-09 Episode Nine--
Dana returns to her with new clarity and notices things she's missed.

1-10 Episode Ten--
Chassen feels torn between Dana and his girlfriend.

1-11 Episode Eleven--
Joe returns to RPM and strikes up a friendship with Dana.

1-12 Episode Twelve--
Nour tells Lama about his family's massacre in Syria and how her father took him in.

1-13 Episode Thirteen--
Salary discrepancies at RPM cause Dara to suspect Ghassan of hiding info.

1-14 Episode Fourteen--
Dana asks Ghassan about the competition they entered as undergraduates.

1-15 Episode Fifteen--
Secrets spill out in an explosive discussion between Dana and her parents.

1-16 Episode Sixteen--
Furious about her discoveries, Dana attempts to control her story through TV interviews.


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