This Week In True Crime TV: 05/26 - 06/01/2024

Here is a rundown of all of this week's true crime TV and streaming TV programming:

SUNDAY, MAY 26TH, 2024:
48 Hours On ID (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Stephen Smith: A Death In Murdaugh County," years before the conviction for the murders of his wife and son, there was another mystery in Murdaugh country: the hit-and-run death of Stephen Smith, a 19-year-old gay man.

People Magazine Investigates: Surviving A Serial Killer (Investigation Discovery)

In the episode entitled "Surviving The Bishops Basement," a man who calls him The Bishop abducts a woman and holds her captive. He imprisons six women in his basement, raping and torturing them. As captives begin to die, one woman knows her only chance of survival is to escape.

Sins Of The South (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Murder On The Gulf Coast," when a beloved man is murdered on Mississippi's Gulf Coast, the slippery killer keeps police on their toes in a wild manhunt. Investigators stop at nothing to uncover this twisted tale of lies and fraud as they work to bring home some southern justice.

Snapped (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Sheila Keen Warren," decades pass before investigators utilize advancing technology to reveal the clown killer who shot a mother in Florida.

MONDAY, MAY 27TH, 2024:
Fallen Idols: Nick And Aaron Carter (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Boy Band Bombshell," former pop star Melisa Schuman goes public with sexual assault allegations against Nick Carter, a member of The Backstreet Boys.

TUESDAY, MAY 28TH, 2024:
Customer Wars (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Shopping Bag Shenanigans," a customer at a big box store in Encino, Calif., fumes as an item she purchased is no longer in her shopping cart. In Saugus, Mass., a man relaxing in his hot tub is shocked when he finds the gym is closed and he's locked inside.

And in the episode entitled "Out Of Order," tempers flare when a Los Angeles cashless payment system goes down. Tourists on a bus in South Africa take cover from an aggressive elephant and a tornado rips through a car dealership in Trevose, Pa., with devastating consequences.

Fallen Idols: Nick And Aaron Carter (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Into The Darkness," former pop star Melisa Schuman deals with Backstreet Boys fans and their intense reaction to her allegations.

Neighborhood Wars (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Garbage Grudge," a neighbor in Arizona creates a stink in an ongoing dispute over trash collectin' in South Carolina. And a woman goes to battle with her neighbors over her passion for protecting wild geese in her neighborhood.

And in the episode entitled "Top 10: United We Stand," the softer side of Neighborhood Wars, where neighbors come together to lend a helping hand in this Top 10 special.

American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda (Investigation Discovery)

In the episode entitled "It Begins With One," when a young woman turns up dead in south Texas, Captain Federico Calderon fears the killer has disappeared.

Killer Cases (A&E)
In the episode entitled "A Bullet In The Back," the Atlanta murder trial of prominent lawyer Tex McIver, who claims his gun accidentally went off, unintentionally shooting his wife in the back as they drove home.

Murder At The Motel (A&E)
In the episode entitled "I Saw The Devil," November 23, 2014: Springfield, Oregon. A housekeeper at the Village Inn Motel calls police when she find a guest unresponsive to the touch. While there are no immediate signs of a struggle or foul play, the autopsy confirms the cause of the death was murder.

Inmate To Roommate (A&E)
In the episode entitled "It's Gonna Be A Disaster," recently released inmates reenter society and move in with people they barely know who are welcoming them into their homes.

60 Days In (A&E)

In the episode entitled "No Tap Outs," Sheriff Mike Smith prepares seven volunteers to go inside the Utah County Jail to reveal all the problems that have been out of sight.

The First 48 (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Murder At The Uptown," in a crowded Tulsa bar, surveillance video captures the owner being gunned down as he tries to break up a fight between two dancers.

FRIDAY, MAY 31ST, 2024:
Fallen Idols: Nick And Aaron Carter (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Oh, Aaron," 

Accident, Suicide Or Murder (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Revenge On The Road," a former Gang Unit investigator is found dead in his crashed van on the freeway, and all signs point to a DUI. But when four bullets are found in his body, a decade-long homicide investigation must consider gang retribution or lover's revenge.

Deadly Waters With Captain Lee (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Ghost Ship," a Bahamas-bound charter boat is discovered 140 miles off course. Investigators wade through blood evidence and accounts of a possible pirate attack in the search for survivors and answers.