Show Guide: 'In Love All Over Again'

Post by: AYS Staff 13 February, 2023

Synopsis: September 2003. Irene comes to Madrid aiming to conquer the world and to become a film director. She will meet her best friends there as well as Julio, who would be the perfect lead role for her films and her life. But life has other plans. In love all over again is a romantic comedy. A gleaming story with a dash of nostalgia about the love and friendship that blooms during collage years and the need to find your place in the world. (Courtesy Netflix, 2023)

The Cast:
Alberto Salazar as Fer
Georgina Amoros as Irene
Franco Masini as Julio
Roser Vilajosana as Adri
Blanca Martinez as Jimena
Carlos Gonzalez as Da

Production Credits:
Writer, Showrunner and Executive Producer: Carlos Montero
Directed by: Matero Gil

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